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Laser Therapy

Class IV Infrared 810-980 nm; up to 60 watts

Laser is generated with and electrical current to a light emitting diode designed to create a coherent light beam of an infrared wavelength. Similar to how plants absorb light with chloroplast in the visible spectrum to create energy, our mitochondria contain chromophores in our mitochondria that are excited by infrared light.

The physiological effects can stimulate the production of ATP, reduce pain, improve mobility, enhance tissue oxygenation, improved relaxation and reduce muscle spasm, encourage autonomic nervous system balance by augmenting the parasympathetic nervous system. Stimulation of transcription factors to enhance cell repair and mitigate reactive oxygen species (free radicals), has been documented. Additionally, a new
mechanism of structured water generation provides and exciting avenue to affect systemic circulation and lymphatic transit which can be used to augment most manual therapies.

Uses for most musculoskeletal complaints have been evaluated in the literature and a significant history of safe and effective use has been observed in clinic practice for most of the last century. Eye protection is encouraged, and communication with staff is important as the laser can become quite hot, to the point of burning or blistering. This is difficult to do, however, as the heat is gradual but apparent when hot.