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Meet The Doctors

Esaias Baca, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Esaias Baca began his interest in healthcare and prevention as a nutritionist and personal trainer holding numerous nutrition, weight management, exercise rehabilitation and physical fitness certifications. Dr. Baca quickly excelled into a management position of a large multi-national fitness chain where he trained and developed the next generation of elite nutrition and fitness professional. There he would acquire skills in the development and management of a Level 1 dietetics program. This experience would serve as the impetus to guide and steer his education to what it is today - visionary.

Dr. Baca acquired his Bachelors of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Biochemistry from the University of Houston. His undergraduate experience would lay the foundation and schema to build an exquisite understanding of human biochemistry applicable to clinical practice. Upon graduating and having to decide between Medicine and Chiropractic, Dr. Baca chose Chiropractic because of his early experience in athletic training and as a competitive, internationally ranked, athlete in Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do. Always keen to looking for a healthy way to train, heal and live, Chiropractic was a better fit.

Graduating, summa cum laude and valedictorian, from Texas Chiropractic College, Dr. Baca was driven to not only master what Chiropractic had to offer, but to avidly acquire additional education in Functional & Metabolic Medicine. As an empiricist with a reverence for biochemistry and the complexity of the human body, he cultivated a vision to seek and apply the latest cutting-edge evidence-based research to clinical practice. His mission was to help those that have fallen though the cracks of our failing pharmaco-surgical sick-care system.

Margit Winstrom, M.D

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